Corporate financial advice

Independent business financial advice - ThinkIFA.comIndependent financial advice for businesses

yB working with an independent financial adviser, you can help maintain the financial stability and continuity of your business.

Sound financial advice can help your business plan for it’s future by providing the experience and advice it needs.

And by choosing an independent financial advisor, they should have the knowledge and experience to help your business however large or small.

Independent Financial AdviceWith bespoke and experienced business financial advice you can help protect the financial future of your company and its employees

Workplace Pension

Is your business ready for the workplace pension auto enrolment?Is your business auto enrolment ready? All eligible employers must have a compliant workplace pension scheme in place by their staging date which is determined by how many staff are employed.

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Loan Protection

Loan protection advice from ThinkIFA.comBusiness loans work differently from personal ones and protecting the repayments of the loan can be vital towards the continued success of your business and its owners.

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Keyperson Insurance

Keyperson insurance from thinkifa.comProtect the financial stability of your business against the loss of a vital employee. Key Person Insurance can protect you financially against the loss of a company director or key employee.

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Share Protection

Share protection from think ifaThe death of a shareholder can leave your company vulnerable and result in you losing control of your business to a third party. Shareholder insurance can help protect against this.

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Giving financial adviceIndependent advice & financial planning is vital for the continued success of your business

As your business grows, an independent financial adviser can help with every step of the way from helping you provide your employee’s with attractive benefits to advising and implementing your company pension scheme inline with auto enrolement.

Many independent business financial advisers provide a ‘Whole of market’ service which means they can compare products and services from the whole of the UK to help fine the most suitable solution whether you are a medium / small company or self employed.

There are many other areas in which an independent financial adviser can help provide financial advice for businesses including:

  • Business loan protection
  • Group life insurance
  • Succession planning
  • Group income protection insurance
  • Private medical insurance

If you would like a friendly chat with an independent financial advisor then please complete the online enquiry form here.