Extended Reports

  • Social Lending | Peer to Peer Borrowing

    As more and more of us are shunning the traditional ways of saving and borrowing (by using the banks) in this article we go into detail about the ever increasing popular Social lending facilities. We look into how they where started, are they safe or even regulated? Who can use these facilities? What kind of return / interest can you expect to earn or borrow against and much more.

  • HIV Life Insurance

    Everything you need to know about life insurance if you are HIV positive and living in the UK.

  • Critical Illness Cover

    Critical Illness Insurance is a policy which covers the holder should they suffer from any serious illness outlined within the policy.

  • Child ISA – Tax Free ISA For Children

    The Child ISA is a tax free individual savings account specially created for children to help build them a nest egg for when they grow up.

  • Pension Annuities Explained

    An in depth article about pension annuities and all the different types available including enhanced, variable,joint, with profits and more..

  • Protect your assets with an asset protection trust

    By planning carefully and using a trust to protect your assets, you could mitigate inheritance tax and also avoid having to sell your home to pay for care home fees..