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Looking for Independent Investment Advice?

ithW low interest rates and a loss of confidence in the banking industry, many people are now taking their money out of cash accounts and putting it into investments.

With the growth of the internet, more and more investment options are becoming available direct to potential investors and a regulated independent financial adviser can help guide you through the most suitable options for your specific circumstances / attitude to risk.

By talking to an independent financial advisor, you can be safe in the knowledge that your options are thoroughly researched to potentially make your money work harder for you.

Independent Financial AdviceAn independent financial adviser can advise and compare a wide range of investments including income generating & capital growth.

ISA – Individual Savings Account

ISAs from ThinkIFA.comISAs are a tax efficient savings vehicle which allows you to invest a set amount each year and any interest earned from your savings / investment is free from income tax.

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Junior ISA

Junior ISA guide from ThinkIFA.comThe junior isa was introduced to replace the child trust fund and works just like a regular isa but it is for children. The child cannot access the funds until they reach 18.

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Giving financial adviceLooking For Independent & Unbiased Investment Advice?

When formulating an investment strategy for their client, an independent financial adviser will take an holistic approach to determine the level of risk they are comfortable with and what targets they are hoping to achieve through investing.

A financial adviser will work very closely with their clients to provide a truly bespoke investment planning service.

By having a resolute approach to investing, whenever possible an investment advisor may utilise the following to help maximise an investments profits. :

  • Cost such as initial fee’s, annual management fees etc
  • Tax incentivised
  • Favourable legislation
  • Special offers or provider incentives (client incentives)

If you would like a friendly chat with an independent financial advisor then please complete the online enquiry form here.