Pension Vs ISA For Your Retirement Income?

Trying to decide where to place your money is always a perplexing decision. Looking to the future and securing your wealth is important. But tying it up in a long-term pension can restrict the ability to use that money prior to the investment maturing.

When it comes to choosing between ISAs and pensions, the announcement that the Conservative Party plan to throw out Read more..

Looking For A Good Mortgage? Don’t Leave It Too Late!

We hear it all the time, the population is getting older.

People are leaving it longer to start a family and the average age of the entire planet is rising year on year.

But while this gives young adults more of an opportunity to enjoy life before settling down, when it comes to Read more..

It’s The Chancellor Versus The Regulator, With Customers Stuck Right In The Middle

At a time when the Government are trying everything they can to stimulate a failing financial services market, it is surprising to see how many times I see the regulators moving in totally the opposite direction. Read more..

Many Homeowners Turning To ‘Let To Buy’ Mortgages

Negative equity, stagnation in the housing market and increased job mobility are amongst the many factors that have meant more and more people are unwilling or unable to live in their own homes.

But instead of having to give up and sell, the let to buy mortgage provides a viable solution for homeowners in all walks of life. Read more..

NISA’s In a Nutshell – New Individual Savings Accounts

NISA’s, ISA’s, Savings Schemes and Investment Bonds. The world of finance is getting more and more complex, but that doesn’t mean you have to get lost in the changes.

The NISA was announced during the March 2014 budget by the chancellor George Osbourne Read more..

6 Reasons Why We Won’t Need the Big Banks

Historically, when we talk of banking, we have always depended on household names such as Natwest, Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and HSBC to provide all the facilities we require to support our needs.

But as more and more people become disheartened by the services we are Read more..

Income Drawdown Vs Pension Annuity

When you want to stop putting money into your pension fund and decide you would like to start drawing an income from it, there are two main types of income facility to consider, the Income Drawdown and the Annuity. Read more..

Mortgage Market Review – Getting a New Mortgage Will Become Even Harder

Here at Think IFA we have been receiving numerous enquiries asking us about the MMR (Mortgage market review) so I have decided to write the following article on the matter to help explain what it is and how it will affect both mortgage holders and new applications. Read more..

Inheritance Tax Planning – Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Liability

Losing a loved one is always a sad time, but by using our inheritance tax planning guide featuring the top ten ways to help reduce inheritance tax liability for your beneficiaries, you can ensure their loss is no greater than it has to be. Read more..

Keep Your Life and Critical Illness Policy Going For As Long As Possible

Many people who take out life & critical illness insurance do so to ensure that they are financially protected should the worst happen.

The right critical illness cover can make sure that if you Read more..