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Annuities, SIPP, Pension Drawdown etc

lanningP your retirement income is a serious consideration which should include seeking independent financial advice to help ensure you make the right decisions.

By consulting with a fully Independent Pension adviser, they will have access to the whole of the UK market which means they can help find the most suitable solutions for your specific individual financial requirements.

Independent Financial AdviceBy working with an Independent Financial Adviser, you can compare the best pension planning solutions for your happy financial retirement.

Open Market Option

Open market option pension annuitiesUtilise the open market option and compare pension annuities from the ‘Whole of the market’ to help maximise your retirement income.

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Income Drawdown

Pension drawdown advice from ThinkIFA.comCompared to a standard annuity, pension drawdown has several unique benefits but generally works better with a large pension fund.

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Pension Annuity

Pension Annuity advice from Think IFAComparing pension annuities from every single UK provider can help you potentially achieve the best income during your retirement years.

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SIPP - Self Invested Personal PensionA Self Invested Personal Pension Scheme (SIPP) offers you great flexibility by putting you in control of where your funds are invested.

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Giving financial adviceEveryone’s circumstances are different and when it come to retiring, our financial requirements also differ from each others.

A ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work and by seeking independent pension advice, an adviser should be able to thoroughly research the entire UK market to find the best possible financial solutions specifically tailored to your requirements.

Consulting with a pension adviser could help ensure you have a strong pension strategy in place enabling you to spend your working life happy in the knowledge that when it comes to retiring you will have sufficient funds / income to actually enjoy your retirement.

If you are a business looking for information with regards to the new compulsory Workplace Pension Scheme (Auto Enrolment) then please visit our corporate section where we provide information on company pension schemes as well as employee benefits.

If you would like a friendly, no obligation chat with an independent pension advisor then please complete the online enquiry form here.