Tax & trust advice Tax & Trust Planning

Careful planning to protect your assets

sA the famous saying goes, there are only two things certain in life – death & taxes.

An independent financial adviser can help advise on wealth management, estate planning and inheritance tax planning.

By talking to a financial advisor, they can guide you through the financial minefield of taxes and how you could potentially benefit from setting up a trust.

Independent Financial AdviceAn independent financial adviser can offer impartial financial advice on trusts & inheritance tax to help protect your wealth and assets.

Asset Protection Trust

Asset Protection TrustWith careful planning you can place your assets into a protection trust which can help towards inheritance tax mitigation and could potentially avoid having to sell your home to pay for care home fees later on in your life.

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Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance taxInheritance tax is now a problem for many UK families and an independent financial adviser can help with your inheritance tax planning by advising on cost effective ways of protecting your assets to potentially help lower your IHT liability.

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Giving financial adviceThe benefits of using an independent financial advisor

By working with an independent financial advisor, you will gain access to their wealth of knowledge and experience in tax mitigation & trust planning and many work closely with other professional bodies that can advise and implement many different solutions.

A fully independent financial adviser can provide a truly independent and unbiased service and have access to the whole of the market to help ensure you receive the best possible service.

Some of the reasons for choosing a financial adviser are:

  • Fully independent service
  • Access to every single lender and investment provider in the UK
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in tax, trusts and wealth management
  • Moral / legal asset protection advice to help ensure the protection of your wealth

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